Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Renewal of SLW's "Vigorous Challenge"

According to a press release issued this morning:
Pixelplus Plans to Vigorously Defend Against Recently Filed Class Action Lawsuit
Some readers may recall that way back in August 2004, Bruce Carton issued a challenge in Securities Litigation Watch. Noting defendants "apparently unanimous use of the word 'vigorous' for these 'denial' press release[s]," Bruce pondered:
So I ask: is there some other word that can be used for this purpose, if only to mix things up once in a while? Or are we stuck with "vigorous" from here on out?
Well, given that news of Bruce's challenge apparently has not yet reached the four corners of the Earth, or foreign companies such as Pixelplus Co. Ltd., are simply choosing to thumb their nose at Bruce, I hereby renew the challenge. So, crack open those thesauri and let's choose a new word.

I'm voting for peppy.

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