Sunday, August 20, 2006

Parlux Redux

Well, it appears that The PSLRA Nugget's new law firm, Saxena White P.A. has finally decided to provide some fodder for this blog.

As noted here by Chris Jones, the author of The Nugget, the new firm is off to a fast start, having already been appointed leadership positions in a number of cases.

Last week, apparently hoping to add to the firm's success, Saxena White announced the filing of a class action complaint against Parlux Fragrances Inc. (NASDAQ: PARL).

Of interest to readers may be this little blurb at the end of the press release:
Saxena White P.A. has offices in Boca Raton, San Francisco, and Boston.
Unfortunately the firm's website is not yet fully functional, and as of press time, we had not heard back from Mr. Jones, so the new "office openings" will remain a Scooby Doo mystery for now.

Reuters has a story on the Parlux litigation, here.

Regular readers will note that this is the third trip to this fair blog for Parlux, with prior posts here and here.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know what Boston/San Francisco firm Saxena/White is planning to merge with?