Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yet Another Press Release Permutation.

First, we explored the "premptive" press release.

Next, we had the "passive voice" press release.

Then we had the "vigorous defense" press release.

That is when things started to get fun, with hybrids emerging left and right, such as the "premptive vigorous defense" press release.

Now, we have a new style - the "encouraging" press release.

Earlier this week, the Denver based law firm of Dyer & Shuman, LLP, issued a press release, headlined as follows:
Dyer & Shuman, LLP Encourages Persons Who Currently Own Blue Coat Systems Common Stock to Consider Their Legal Options Concerning Alleged Stock Option Backdating by the Company -- BCSI
A review of the PrimeZone website reveals that Dyer & Shuman has been issuing this style of press release since at least this June 2005 advisory to StockerYale, Inc. shareholders.

A hat tip to Kevin LaCroix, author of The D&O Diary, for encouraging us to explore this new (to us) press release style.

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