Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Quick Trip Through The Blogosphere

A few interesting items from other blogs that you might find interesting.
  • Kevin LaCroix, over at The D&O Diary, has an interesting post here about the recently filed options backdating litigation against Zoran Corporation (NASDAQ: ZRAN) and ten of its past or present directors and officers. The Zoran litigation appears to be somewhat unique because it focuses on allegedly improper or misleading solicitation of shareholder proxies and consent.
  • The D&O Diary also has an interesting post here on the growing trend of activist hedge funds and their willingness to litigate to effectuate change. Not surprisingly, the post also has some thoughts on what this trend means for D&O liability.
  • Lyle Roberts, author extraordinaire of The 10b-5 Daily, has a post here on a brewing circuit split on the application of the "collective scienter" theory, which allows a plaintiff to establish the scienter of a defendant corporation based on the collective knowledge of the corporation's employees.
  • Michael Thomas, author of The Daily Caveat, has an update on the litigation swirling around Kirk Wright, and the failure of his hedge fund management company, International Management Associates here.
  • Broc Romanek, editor of, has a post here discussing a recent New York State court decision analyzing whether a fiduciary relationship exists between an underwriter and an issuer and whether such a fiduciary relationship should be imputed to underwriter's counsel.

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